Category Archives Shero means a woman regarded as a hero. Meet our ArmourShero, the outstanding women in tech that will share their stories, achievements and experiences.


Who says women only care about makeup and skincare? These ArmourShero put their lipstick and heels into technology world. Let's follow their amazing stories.

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Lola Chin, Product Marketing Manager at Computershare Australia

Lola Chin – The Versatile Shero with Regional Exposure

Lola Chin, Product Marketing Manager at Computershare Australia, shares her drastic career change story as a woman in tech and in the digital industry.

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Mutiara Arumsari

Mutiara Arumsari – Productive Mother and Multitasking Shero

Mutiara Arumsari, Senior Program Manager at Dicoding, shares her interesting story, experiences, and opinion as a mother and woman in the tech industry.

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Anis Sobari from CSP Global | ArmourShero blog

Anis Sobari – From Shero in Media to Tech Industry

Anis Sobari, Sales Director at CSP Global Technologies Malaysia, shares her experiences and challenges as a woman in tech industry for more than a decade.

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Tanti Didi Zam Zainal Abidin

Tanti Didi Zam Zainal Abidin – From IT Shero to Entrepreneur

Tanti Didi Zam Zainal Abidin, Founder of Dayakboi Playground Archery Range, shares her long experiences as a woman in tech that turned into an entrepreneur.

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Shermaine Ling

Shermaine Ling – The Hidden Gem Shero and a Working Mom

Shermaine Ling, Director of Eurosolve Business Intelligence Sdn. Bhd. (EBI), shares her journey as a woman in the tech industry and a mom of three children.

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Putri Ramadhani Saragih

Putri R Saragih – The Brave Shero Who Embrace Change

Putri R. Saragih, Senior Program Manager at RevoU, shares her experiences on switching careers from professional banker to a woman in the EdTech industry.

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Christy Wong

Christy Wong – Tech Sales Shero Point of View

Christy Wong, Vice President of Sales at CSP Global Technologies, shares her experiences and career journey in sales and as a woman in tech in IT companies.

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Hailey Park from AhnLab South Korea

Hailey Park – Shero in Tech Idol from South Korea

Hyunjung Hailey Park, APAC Senior Sales Manager at AhnLab, shares her motivation, inspiration, and challenge as a woman in tech in South Korea.

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Malis Selamat Google Cloud

Malis Selamat – Journalist Wannabe Became a Shero in Tech

Malis Selamat, Head of Corporate Southeast Asia and Country Manager Philippines/Vietnam for Google Cloud, shares her story and experiences as a Woman in Tech.

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Sandy Woo Veritas Technologies Malaysia

Sandy Woo – The Shero of Malaysia Tech Industry

Sandy Woo, the Country Director at Veritas Technologies Malaysia, is our first ArmourShero. She shares her experiences as a Shero in Tech over 20 years.

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