DAST – ScoutTwo DevSecOps

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Develop Rapidly and
Securely with DAST

Easily detect and resolve vulnerabilities in applications through a single platform.

Comprehensive Vulnerability Detection

Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) goes beyond static analysis
to simulate real-world attacks, uncovering vulnerabilities that SAST might miss.


In-Depth Vulnerability Detection

DAST simulates like a hacker, finding vulnerabilities attackers might exploit. It scans for common threats (OWASP Top 10, CWE, CVE) to prevent unauthorised access, data breaches, and disruptions.


Comprehensive Attack Coverage

DAST employs a wide range of attack vectors, mimicking different types of hackers and their techniques. This ensures your application is tested against a diverse set of threats, providing a more comprehensive security assessment.


Prioritised Remediation with AI

DAST prioritises vulnerabilities based on their severity and potential impact, leveraging AI to distinguish between true vulnerabilities and false positives. This prioritises critical issue resolution, optimising security.

Fortifying Your Software Security with DAST

DAST in ScoutTwo, ArmourZero’s AI-powered DevSecOps platform,
empowers you to build stronger defenses against evolving cyber threats.

Uncovering Hidden Vulnerabilities

DAST goes beyond surface-level security checks to uncover hidden vulnerabilities. This approach ensures you have a complete picture of your application’s security posture.


Real-World Attack Simulation

By simulating real-world attacks, it helps you understand how attackers might exploit vulnerabilities. This knowledge allows you to implement stronger security controls and mitigation strategies.

Improved Security Awareness

DAST in ScoutTwo helps developers and security teams gain a deeper understanding of the types of vulnerabilities attackers can exploit. This awareness fosters a culture of security within your organisation.


Faster Remediation Cycles

Running a DAST application in a test environment helps developers find vulnerabilities before their applications are in production.

Empowering Developers & DevSecOps Teams


Find & Fix Vulnerabilities Early:
Sleep soundly knowing your
code is secure.


Write Cleaner, More Secure Code:
Boost code quality and
stay ahead of issues.


Choose Secure Building Blocks:
Focus on innovation,
not security risks.


Develop with Confidence:
Focus on features,
not security worries.


Fast-Track Code Reviews:
Spend less time reviewing,
more time building.

Safeguard Your Source Code and Business