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Don’t Let Secrets Leak, Secure Your Code with Secret Scan

Unknowingly exposed secrets can lead to devastating breaches.

Your Guardian Against Data Leaks

Secret Scan allows you to protect your sensitive data with
comprehensive detection capabilities, AI-powered insights, and streamlined workflows.


Comprehensive Secret Detection

Scan for various sensitive information types, and aligning with OWASP Top 10 risks.


Effortless Remediation and Prevention

Receive detailed reports with AI-guided remediation steps, seamlessly integrating with your CI/CD pipeline for automated scanning and prevention.


Enhanced Security Posture

Proactively identify and eliminate exposed secrets, ensuring compliance with industry regulations and bolstering overall code confidence.

Fortifying Your Security Posture with Secret Scan

Secret Scanning in ScoutTwo, ArmourZero’s AI-powered DevSecOps platform, empowers you to proactively identify
and eliminate exposed secrets lurking within your code repositories and application configurations.

Minimise the Attack Surface

Identify and eliminate exposed secrets to reduce potential entry points for attackers, enhancing the security of your applications and infrastructure.


Reduce Development Risks

Proactive secret scanning prevents accidental leaks, minimising the risk of security breaches and regulatory penalties during the development process.

Enhance Developer Efficiency

AI-powered insights and automated integrations simplify remediation in ScoutTwo, allowing developers to focus on building features and improving productivity.


Protect Sensitive Data

ScoutTwo ensures secure applications to foster user trust by detecting and preventing unintentional exposure of sensitive data like passwords, access tokens, and API keys in code repositories and other sources.

Empowering Developers & DevSecOps Teams


Find & Fix Vulnerabilities Early:
Sleep soundly knowing your
code is secure.


Write Cleaner, More Secure Code:
Boost code quality and
stay ahead of issues.


Choose Secure Building Blocks:
Focus on innovation,
not security risks.


Develop with Confidence:
Focus on features,
not security worries.


Fast-Track Code Reviews:
Spend less time reviewing,
more time building.

Safeguard Your Source Code and Business