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Security Risk Rating

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What is the Security Rating Report?

This is a report that provides a summary of the organisation’s current security risk rating using our Third Party Security Risk Monitoring cyber risk assessment technology.

How can you use this Security Rating Report?

Knowing your security rating helps you identify potential vulnerabilities in your organisation, supply chain, and third party that attackers could exploit. This is crucial for improving the organisation’s overall cybersecurity risk.

Security Rating Report

What can you expect from this Security Rating Report?

Report Snapshot

Access a security rating report for your company, supply chain, and third-party vendor for a limited time.

Risk Score Findings

Know what the findings are and what they mean to its risk score across multiple security domains.

Compare Performance

Learn how the organisation’s security performance compares to competitors & peers in each industry.

Prioritised Risk

Learn how to use this score to influence corrective action with risk prioritised data based on issue severity.

Security Risk Rating Preview

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