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Endpoint Antivirus


Protects your endpoints and assets against all types of known cyber threats and breaches from commodity malware to sophisticated attacks including ransomware with antivirus and more.


Endpoint Next-Gen Antivirus


Protects your endpoints and assets against all types of known and unknown cyber threats and breaches including ransomware with machine learning and artificial intelligence detection methods.


Endpoint Protection with EDR


Suite of endpoint protection and endpoint detection and response (EDR) provide real-time behavior, reputation, machine learning and protection broader context, including risk levels, affected endpoint importance and the prevailing threat landscape.


Endpoint Protection with EDR and Threat Intelligence


Highest level of endpoint protection suite with in-depth visibility and real-time behaviour analysis to automatically detect suspicious activity and stop stealthy cyber threats and breaches by enabling threat hunting and continuous monitoring of endpoint activities.


Patch Management


Protects all your Operating Systems and third party applications such as Microsoft Office, Adobe and etc against known vulnerabilities by controlling authorised/unauthorised applications used, ensuring continuous patch and always up-to-date version released by the application vendor.


Email Protection


Protect your Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace email and other cloud applications such as OneDrive, Team, Slack, Dropbox etc. from sophisticated phishing threats, malware including ransomware and keeping sensitive data safe and secure.


Web Protection


Protect your users from visiting malicious, phishing, malware including ransomware and inappropriate websites by enabling real-time domain analysis, threat intelligence, content filtering and maintain consistent web protection regardless of users’ locations.


Security Rating


Measure and understand your organisation’s cybersecurity practices, identify potential vulnerabilities, and improve your security posture by prioritising corrective action based on issue severity across multiple security domains.

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