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Protect sensitive and confidential data, intellectual properties, source codes, products and account logins from cyber threats with Powerful and modern Cloud IT Security Operation.

“Cybersecurity protection is by parameter security.
Each parameter serve some purposes and has it own solution.”

Protect sensitive and confidential data, intellectual properties, source codes,
products and account logins from cyber threats.

Staying secure goes far beyond antivirus


Prevent Ransomware and block viruses, worms, Trojan horses and spyware attack with signature and signature-less protection.

Email anti-phishing &

Stop business email compromise, phishing, spam and ransomware attacks with multi-layered detection & machine learning algorithm.

Website anti-phishing & web content filtering

Stops phishing attacks by blocking them as well as malicious websites in real-time and empowers you to control unwanted web content to be visited on any devices.

Prevent data lost through email & cloud application

Create and automate data sharing policies across multiple cloud applications including email, file-sharing and messaging platform to control how files are shared amongst internal and external users.

Safeguard your OS & third party application

IT Security breaches though OS and application are hidden behind users. Updated patching is very important to ensure all OS and third party applications protected against known vulnerabilities.

Threat hunting – detect the undetected threats

Cyber threat hunting digs deep to find malicious cyber attackers in your environment that have slipped past your traditional endpoint security defences.

IT Security Compliances and Cyber Hygiene

Irregardless of the size of your company, all of your network, application and devices should meet a certain cyber hygiene to protect your most valuable data and information and prevent cyber threats. Automated cyber hygiene and policy enforcement to meet your needs and your industry security compliance.

Enjoy the cybersecurity of joy

Smart security for smart people

Security and convenience are inversely related. Easiest cybersecurity on-boarding and off-boarding ever!! Built self-provisioning automation specially for you without paying extra.

Utility is the new word in security,
flexible pricing

Only pay what you use, all the time! Just simply remove an unused user, then we will automatically decommission all services that are subscribed and credit the prorated amount to your ArmourZero’s account. No question asked!

Policy administration at your finger tips

Protection is a cycle so don’t stay with outdated policy. Make, approve and record a change request directly in ArmourZero, be it rules and policy, configuration, exclusion list, software updates or others.

Cybersecurity needs meets experience

We protect your business to keep ours. You are granted access to our well certified and competent security experts without having them on your payroll.

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