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Empowering Secure
Infrastructure with IaC

Securing infrastructure definition files from the outset ensures robust protection throughout the development lifecycle.

Outstanding Security and Compliance for Your Infrastructure

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) solution empowers you to establish a robust foundation for your infrastructure. By securing your infrastructure code, the very blueprint of your environment, you can ensure ongoing security and compliance with industry standards.


Proactive Vulnerability Detection and Mitigation

Identifies and eliminates misconfigurations and inherent security vulnerabilities within your infrastructure code, shielding your infrastructure from potential threats before they can become problems.


Unmatched Infrastructure Visibility

Gain comprehensive insights into your configurations and infrastructure templates across all platforms, unveiling your infrastructure’s overall health and security posture before deployment.


Guaranteed Industry Compliance and Best Practices

Verifies adherence to industry best practices (like OWASP Top 10) and compliance standards (like CWE and CVE) across all IaC deployments, ensuring infrastructure integrity and security for peace of mind.

Fortifying Your Infrastructure Management with IaC

IaC in ScoutTwo, ArmourZero’s AI-powered DevSecOps platform, empowers your organisation
with enhanced infrastructure security and streamlined management:

Effortless Integrations for
Frictionless Workflows

ScoutTwo seamlessly integrates with your existing developer processes, build methodologies, and release systems, making infrastructure management effortless.


Rapid Response and Remediation
with AI Guidance

ArmourZero’s ScoutTwo AI-powered platform helps you respond swiftly to security issues and remediate them efficiently. By leveraging authoritative reference links like OWASP Top 10, CWE, and CVE, you can pinpoint and address problems faster.

Customisable Security Framework

Tailor your compliance framework to your specific needs, ensuring your teams can manage infrastructure securely. Enjoy the flexibility of dashboards, robust access controls, and detailed reporting tools.


Boosting Developer Efficiency
and Compliance

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) accelerates development, improves code reliability, fosters collaboration, and helps your organisation achieve early compliance with regulations.

Empowering Developers & DevSecOps Teams


Find & Fix Vulnerabilities Early:
Sleep soundly knowing your
code is secure.


Write Cleaner, More Secure Code:
Boost code quality and
stay ahead of issues.


Choose Secure Building Blocks:
Focus on innovation,
not security risks.


Develop with Confidence:
Focus on features,
not security worries.


Fast-Track Code Reviews:
Spend less time reviewing,
more time building.

Safeguard Your Source Code and Business