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Do away your on-premise cybersecurity solutions and costly services!
Security-as-a-service is the future of cybersecurity. By seamlessly connecting Technologies, People and Processes together in one subscription, we close up all the gaps and automate every IT security administrative work for you without any hassle.

It’s not a License, it’s a Service

Endpoint Antivirus as-a-service

Protects your endpoints and assets against all types of known cyber threats and breaches from commodity malware to sophisticated attacks including ransomware with antivirus and more.

Endpoint Next-Gen Antivirus as-a-service

Protects your endpoints and assets against all types of known and unknown cyber threats and breaches including ransomware with machine learning and artificial intelligence detection methods.

Endpoint Protection with EDR as-a-service

Suite of endpoint protection and endpoint detection and response (EDR) provide real-time behavior, reputation, machine learning and protection broader context, including risk levels, affected endpoint importance and the prevailing threat landscape.

Endpoint Protection with EDR and Threat Intelligence as-a-service

Highest level of endpoint protection suite with in-depth visibility and real-time behaviour analysis to automatically detect suspicious activity and stop stealthy cyber threats and breaches by enabling threat hunting and continuous monitoring of endpoint activities.

Patch Management as-a-service

Protects all your Operating Systems and third party applications such as Microsoft Office, Adobe and etc against known vulnerabilities by controlling authorised/unauthorised applications used, ensuring continuous patch and always up-to-date version released by the application vendor.

Email Protection as-a-service

Protect your Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace email and other cloud applications such as OneDrive, Team, Slack, Dropbox etc. from sophisticated phishing threats, malware including ransomware and keeping sensitive data safe and secure.

Web Protection as-a-service

Protect your users from visiting malicious, phishing, malware including ransomware and inappropriate websites by enabling real-time domain analysis, threat intelligence, content filtering and maintain consistent web protection regardless of users’ locations.

Flexibility of our system

It’s the age of flexibility, everything is tailored to your SECURITY needs.

Multi cybersecurity services orchestration

Protection is never easier. Plan, manage, track and orchestrate all your Cloud IT Security Operations on one platform.

Save cost by reinventing protection

Eliminates the high costs of services & deployment of on-premise security solutions at your office. Built self-security provisioning automation for you with no cost!

Total cybersecurity with flexibility

Still having problems with unused licenses?
Flexibility is in your hands now. Plan and track your IT security inventory by on-boarding and off-boarding user in real-time.

Here, armour never sleeps

Get a Peace of mind today. Our Security Operating Centre team is here to provide you 24/7 security monitoring & alert, and security policy administration.

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We provide you the best cloud-based Security as a Service (SECaaS),
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ArmourZero FAQs

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Security-as-a-Service (SECaaS) provides security services with the combined technology, people and processes in one subscription basis hosted by security cloud providers such as ArmourZero. SECaaS solutions have become increasingly popular for many organisations as a way to ease the in-house security team’s responsibilities, scale security needs as the business grows, and avoid the costs and maintenance of on-premise alternatives.
Similarly to software-as-a-services, there are many benefits comparing to traditional approaches: save cost, save time, faster user provisioning, faster threat response and increase security, expertise covered including security alert and monitoring, latest technology, latest updates, flexible pricing and license management.
Any type of companies that accepted and have adopted cloud security and online services.
When you purchase a security product as license, you need to manage end-to-end with optional ad-hoc service charges on top of it. For ArmourZero’s SECaaS, you are subscribing a security service suite of Technology, People and Processes with no hidden service cost.
It’s a flat fee based on unit price depending on the service subscribed to. Option of choosing based on per month or per annual subscription basis. ArmourZero’s subscription model is built in tiers too, the more subscription, the more the price reduction.
ArmourZero’s software is cloud-based with secure logins for administrators. ArmourZero’s infrastructure is hosted on Amazon Web Service, which is built to the highest privacy and data security standards. We use bank-level 256-bit SSL encryption to encrypt all personal and data from login to logout.