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About ArmourZero

Simplifying Cybersecurity

Welcome to ArmourZero! Our mission is to make IT security protection easy and cost-effective. We understand that cyber attacks have become more sophisticated over time, posing a risk to our data, sensitive information, and business operations. At ArmourZero, we aim to safeguard your company and employees from these threats by reinventing protection and bridging the gap left by legacy solutions.

We recognize the difficulties of protecting against cyber attacks and dealing with multiple security solutions. That’s why we provide a unified platform where all work happens, eliminating silos, evolving protection, and saving costs. With ArmourZero, you can have confidence in your cybersecurity.

This is our story, our humble beginnings, and we’re here to serve you.

Founder’s Message

Guided by Vision: Empowering Change and Inspiring Progress

ArmourZero embodies a commitment to trust, security, and protection, reflecting our dedication to safeguarding our customers’ digital assets and privacy with expertise, innovation, and reliability. We believe that cybersecurity should be approachable and user-friendly, and our brand spirit emphasizes ease of use and accessibility for all our customers.

In shorts,

We aim to simplify cybersecurity adoption, ensuring that everyone has the necessary protection against cyber threats.

Tho Kit Hoong

Founder and CEO

Our team is growing.
Come join us on the journey.

At ArmourZero, we’re fueled by passion and collaboration. We love what we do and enjoy working together. Our goal is to ignite that same enthusiasm for businesses and employees everywhere. We strive to create a positive and fulfilling experience in the world of cybersecurity.

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