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Shield Your Code
with SAST

Detect and mitigate vulnerabilities within your codebase during development.

Build Secure Foundations from the Start

Static Application Security Testing (SAST) empowers you to proactively fortify your software against threats by analysing code throughout the development lifecycle. This static analysis approach helps ensure your code remains robust, secure, and maintainable for years to come.


In-Depth Security Scanning

SAST able to scan for vulnerabilities, including those listed in OWASP Top 10, CWE (Weakness Enumeration), and CVE (Vulnerabilities and Exposures), leaving no security stone unturned.


Enhanced Code Quality

Identify and fix code quality issues early on, improving the overall health, maintainability, and potential performance of your codebase.


Continuous Security

Integrate SAST into your DevOps pipeline for continuous analysis and consistent security throughout the development lifecycle. This helps identify and fix vulnerabilities early, reducing the cost of remediation.

Fortifying Your Software Defenses with SAST

SAST in ScoutTwo, ArmourZero’s AI-powered DevSecOps platform,
goes beyond basic scanning to provide comprehensive security assessments:

Consistent Code Quality and Security

ArmourZero’s ScoutTwo integrates across your projects, enforcing coding standards and identifying potential security issues early for quick resolution. This ensures consistent code quality and a strong security posture.


Deep Code Analysis

ScoutTwo goes beyond basic scanning, assessing code quality and providing detailed feedback and clear reports. Utilising AI techniques, ArmourZero helps in false positive reduction and guides remediation efforts effectively.

Flexible and Integrated

ScoutTwo adapts to your needs with flexible configurations for team collaboration and integrates with popular DevOps tools (like GitHub, GitLab, Azure, etc.) for smooth project onboarding and continuous analysis. This streamlines your workflow and simplifies security processes.


Effortless Integration for
Continuous Analysis

Effortlessly integrate ScoutTwo with your existing DevOps tools for automated project onboarding and continuous code analysis. This ensures vulnerabilities are identified and addressed as early as possible in the development cycle.

Empowering Developers & DevSecOps Teams


Find & Fix Vulnerabilities Early:
Sleep soundly knowing your
code is secure.


Write Cleaner, More Secure Code:
Boost code quality and
stay ahead of issues.


Choose Secure Building Blocks:
Focus on innovation,
not security risks.


Develop with Confidence:
Focus on features,
not security worries.


Fast-Track Code Reviews:
Spend less time reviewing,
more time building.

Safeguard Your Source Code and Business