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Build Secure Software
Confidently with SCA

Uncompromised security, visibility into components,
peace of mind for developers.

Exceptional Insights, Simplified Workflows

Software Composition Analysis (SCA) empowers developers to proactively identify and manage security risks within open-source components used in their code. This ensuring the security of your code throughout the entire development lifecycle.


Real-Time Vulnerability Management

Easily identify and assess open-source library vulnerabilities, enabling proactive security measures.


Full Spectrum Visibility

Gain clear insights into open-source components, facilitating informed decision-making and meticulous dependency tracking.


Reduced Development Time and Costs

By proactively detecting vulnerabilities early in the development lifecycle, developers can fix them before they become larger issues.

Fortifying Your Software Ecosystem with SCA

SCA in ScoutTwo, ArmourZero’s AI-powered DevSecOps platform, empowers developers with a streamlined
and automated solution to fortify open source components within your applications.

Effortless Integration

Easily incorporate ArmourZero’s ScoutTwo into your development tools and workflow, with automatic scans that run in the background, keeping you informed without disruption.


Actionable Security

Get immediate guidance on addressing vulnerabilities, with automated workflows for swift resolution, supported by our extensive vulnerability database.

Comprehensive Protection

Safeguard your applications at every stage of development, from coding to deployment, with ScoutTwo comprehensive security measures.


Proactive Intelligence

Utilise our up-to-date vulnerability database to stay ahead of potential threats and address security issues before they escalate.

Empowering Developers & DevSecOps Teams


Find & Fix Vulnerabilities Early:
Sleep soundly knowing your
code is secure.


Write Cleaner, More Secure Code:
Boost code quality and
stay ahead of issues.


Choose Secure Building Blocks:
Focus on innovation,
not security risks.


Develop with Confidence:
Focus on features,
not security worries.


Fast-Track Code Reviews:
Spend less time reviewing,
more time building.

Safeguard Your Source Code and Business