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Through all-in-one cybersecurity, we save the budget and still protect our organisation from cyber threats. Because all security solutions can be accessed through 1 powerful platform at ease and at affordable pricing.

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The Power of ONE

ArmourZero - WithSecure report for Endpoint Protection and EDR

ONE Platform

to plan, manage, track and monitor every aspect of your security with Security-as-a-Service.

ONE Consolidation

Consolidating and streamlining multi-cybersecurity solutions into one standard process.

ONE Management

to see and manage all your cybersecurity conditions, agents’ status, and integrated reports.

ONE Protection

our 24/7 SOC team monitors attack surface discovery, risk analysis, threat mitigation, and response.

ZERO Hassle

Protection should be easy,
the same goes for pricing.

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Endpoint protection services

  Endpoint Antivirus
Endpoint Next-Gen Antivirus
Endpoint Protection with EDR
Endpoint Protection with EDR and Threat Intelligence
Price USD 28.00
per user
per year
USD 45.00
per user
per year
USD 65.00
per user
per year
USD 100.00
per user
per year
Powered by WithSecure Crowdstrike WithSecure Crowdstrike
Features Protects your devices and assets from virus, spyware, and ransomware with real time scanning, endpoint firewall, and signature based protection. Includes Endpoint Antivirus as-a-service features, PLUS: Signatureless-based protection, and Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) detection. Includes Endpoint Antivirus as-a-service features, PLUS: real-time behaviour, real-time reputation, real-time big data analysis, and automatically place detections into a broader context including risk level. Includes Endpoint Next-Gen Antivirus and EDR features, PLUS: threat hunting, continuous monitoring with CrowdStrike’s OverWatch and hunts relentlessly to detect, and disrupt the stealthiest sophisticated threats with proprietary tools.
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Advanced endpoint protection services

  Web Protection
Patch Management
Email Protection
Security Rating
Price USD 20.00
per user
per year
USD 50.00
per user
per year
USD 60.00
per user
per year
USD 1,000.00
per domain
per year
Powered by DNSFilter Automox Avanan A Check Point Company RiskRecon Mastercard
Features Protect your website from malicious, phishing, visiting inappropriate, malware, ransomware. and cryptojacking. Protect all your OS and third party applications against known vulnerabilities by controlling authorised or unauthorised applications used, ensuring continuous patch and always up-to-date version. Protect your Microsoft 365, Google Workspace email, or other cloud applications from phishing threats, malware, ransomware, and keeping sensitive data safe and secure. Protect your business with advanced cybersecurity risk rating system to identify potential security issues. Each issue is backed with detailed information issue summary and detailed descriptions, related CVEs, hostname, IP address, asset value, issue severity, and risk priority.
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