5 Benefits of All-in-One Cybersecurity Platform

5 Benefits of All-in-One
Cybersecurity Platform


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Benefits of all-in-one cybersecurity platform ArmourZero

According to CheckPoint reports, the second quarter of 2022 saw all-time highs where global cyber threats increased by 32% compared to Q2 2021 with more than thousands attacks per week. The most attacked industries in Q2 2022 were Education/Research, Government/Military, Healthcare, Finance/Banking, Utilities, and Manufacturing. In their report, CheckPoint sees that globally, the weekly average of impacted organisations by Ransomware reached 1 out of 40 – a 59% increase Year-on-Year (1 out of 64 organisations in Q2 2021). 

Cyberattacks grow in both number and sophistication, therefore every organisation needs to protect themselves from compromises. Although companies have tried to increase their security budgets and adopt security technology, keeping up with attacks that will surface in the next few years will be a challenge. Especially if the organisation keeps using weak, outdated, and too many tools to maintain their security infrastructure. This “frankencloud” model will not help at all when business moves from traditional security to a cloud-based ecosystem.

What is Frankencloud and Why does it give a bigger security risk?

The “Frankencloud” term is taken from Frankenstein story because of its similarity to how it was assembled. Cybersecurity teams are forced to mish-mash the approach of organising and rely on dozens of vendors and disconnected security products. The average security team is using 25 to 49 tools from 10 different vendors. This created blind spots because security systems shouldn’t be fragmented to provide a holistic view of threats and mitigates complexity.

Nowadays, many organisations move from traditional methods for data storage, security, and collaboration to cloud computing. This movement pushes companies to adopt many software tools in order to protect their cloud and digital assets. This approach has created many gaps in security infrastructure and increased spending for extra protections.

Cloud computing has brought many benefits and innovations to the world, from the distribution of workload to moving with speed, and brought to light the essentials of delivering IT with integrity. However, SolarWinds’ attack in 2020 has taught us that our dependence on a different set of technologies can be a point of weakness.

SolarWinds is a major software company based in Oklahoma that provides system management tools for network and infrastructure monitoring, and other technical services to hundreds of thousands of organisations in the world. One of their products is an IT performance monitoring system called Orion that has privileged access to IT systems to obtain log and system performance data.

More than 30,000 public and private organisations, including local, state and federal agencies, use the Orion network to manage their IT resources. In this hack, SolarWinds customers were not the only ones affected, the hackers could potentially access the data and network of their customers and partners as well. The SolarWinds attack was successful, dubbed as one of the biggest breaches of the 21st century, because it took advantage of a vast, intermixed supply chain of technology vendors and also the complexity of security.

Benefits of all-in-one cybersecurity platform

A cybersecurity platform refers to a comprehensive and integrated system that integrates various technologies, tools, and processes to manage and protect an organization’s digital assets and information from cyber threats. It serves as a central hub for monitoring, detecting, preventing and responding to security incidents.

A cybersecurity platform is designed to give business a way to integrate security visibility, analysis, and control across an array of security layers and data sources while enhancing protection, scalability, and performance. The platform aims to simplify the integration, improving visibility, and automating workflows across endpoints, cloud, network, and applications. Therefore, a complete cybersecurity platform is designed to unify disparate security tools without compromising performance, protection, scalability, and innovation.

There are at least five benefits of using an all-in-one cybersecurity platform:

Benefits of all-in-one cybersecurity platform ArmourZero
  • Ensures security cohesion and control across the entire organisation

The decentralised approach in security infrastructure creates the lack of visibility into the holes that are created by other vendor products. An all-in-one platform will decrease the complexity of security protection. IBM Study shows the amount of security tools that an organisation was using had a negative impact on them. Organisations using 50+ security tools ranked themselves 8% lower in their ability to detect, and 7% lower in their ability to respond to an attack than those respondents with less tools.

  • Enables seamless interaction between different solutions

One platform allows you to deploy security tools through a singular platform run by a single vendor. This helps the IT security team to monitor data and traffic that flows in and out of the entire security environment. No more dealing with security tools that do not communicate with each other. Also, no more redundancies, miss alerts, and unnecessary complexity because everything runs through one platform.

  • Save cost and time

One platform will eliminate the huge cost of deployment of unnecessary cybersecurity tools and operational costs. In addition, it can help optimise operational efficiency and speed up responsiveness to security changes or if there is an attack.

  • Get the latest cybersecurity updates

With an all-in-one platform, users can easily get the latest cybersecurity updates and the latest patch can be easily deployed to ensure you receive the latest version of the software. No more outdated and unpatched software.

  • Provides faster threat response

The increased adoption of digital platforms and cloud computing has evolved the cyber attacks. Therefore, businesses require complete and simplified cyber security solutions that protect their organisations vulnerable assets and data from sophisticated cyber threats. All in one service platform will help consolidated protection, reporting, monitor, detect, and stop breaches faster 

All-in-One Cybersecurity Platform from ArmourZero

A business now needs to shift from protecting security perimeters to protecting critical devices and environment with a high-performing cybersecurity platform rather than multiple disparate and isolated security tools. 

ArmourZero understood these needs and built partnerships with experienced cybersecurity specialists to integrate a cybersecurity platform that comprises best-of-breed security solutions from Automox, Avanan, CrowdStrike, DNSFilter, WithSecure, and RiskRecon.

ArmourZero integrates cybersecurity services and Security Operations Center (SOC) with The Power of One: One Platform, One Consolidation, One Management, and One Protection with Zero Hassle. Now, you can customise all your solutions in ONE dashboard that you want to manage your security performance in one glance.

Experienced All-in-one Cybersecurity Platform with this free 1 month for Endpoint Protection with EDR from WithSecure + 1 month Advanced Endpoint Protection that your business needs here!

Fanny Fajarianti ArmourZero

Written by: 

Fanny Fajarianti (Performance Marketing). Experienced digital marketer in the information technology and services industry.

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