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BEC vs Ransomware

BEC vs Ransomware: Which one is the worst?

Business Email Compromise (BEC) and Ransomware are types of cyber threats that are harmful to business. Which threat is the worst and how to prevent them?

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Social Media Oversharing: An Invitation to Cybercriminals

Social Media Oversharing: An Invitation to Cybercriminals

Having a strong password is not the only thing to protect us from cybercriminals. We also need to not oversharing information on social media, here’s why.

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World Password Day Protect Your Online Life

World Password Day 2023: Protect Your Online Life

World Password Day is held on the first Thursday in May to raise awareness of protecting personal information online. Learn more about it in this article.

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Cloud Patch Management for Startups

Preventing Breaches with Cloud Patch Management for Startups

Cloud patch management is essential for startup that rely on cloud computing to prevent data breaches. Learn more about patch management in this article.

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Cybersecurity for small businesses

Common Cybersecurity Mistakes in Small Business

Small businesses can be a prime target for cybercriminals due to limited resources. Learn more about common cybersecurity mistakes and how to avoid them.

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cybersecurity tips for small businesses

Cybersecurity Tips for Small Businesses

Small businesses use the internet to connect with clients and do transactions, which increases the chance of cyberattacks. Here are some tips to prevent them.

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supply chain

What is Supply Chain Attack? Examples and Prevention

What is a supply chain attack? Learn more about the definition, some examples of this attack and how to apply prevention measures for your organisation.

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Security Rating Services

Why Security Risk Ratings Matter: A Guide for Businesses

What is Security Risk Rating? Learn more about cybersecurity rating and how to use it to improve cybersecurity posture for your organisation and business.

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URL filter vs DNS filter

DNS Filtering vs URL Filtering: What are the differences?

What is the difference between URL Filtering vs DNS Filtering? Which one do your organisation need? Find out the importance of web protection in this article.

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Indonesia’s Antivirus Reliance: A Cybersecurity Blindspot

Indonesia’s reliance on antivirus alone is a cybersecurity blindspot. Today, we need multi-layered security to stop cyberattacks. Find out more about it here.

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