Is Antivirus Enough to Protect My Data?

Is Antivirus Enough to
Protect My Data?


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Some say it’s a myth that antivirus alone can protect my data. For me, it’s subjective and depends on situations. What industry you involve, what data that you have, what data is important for you, where is your data and many more.

First of all, before we discuss about which cybersecurity brands and solutions are useful, powerful and suitable to deploy, we have to understand how security protection works in general.

Cybersecurity Protection is Similar With Real-Life Security Protection.

For example, if you want to visit a friend who is staying in a guided-condominium, let’s imagine what you need to go though before you enter your friend’s house.

Firstly, you need to register your vehicle number and personal details including your photo at the guard house for visitor record purposes. Some condominiums even require the owner to pre-register your information as a visitor before your arrival, otherwise you will be not allowed to enter the premise.

Once you are cleared from the guard house, you are guided to the lift lobby with designated access to your friend’s floor, maybe using an access card, smart elevator or operate by the security guard.

At the door front of your friend’s unit, your friend needs to unlock their door, padlock(s) and gate. I used to have 2 padlocks at my previous condominium with special hooks to protect the padlocks from a steel cutter.

What you have went through is known as parameters security. Let’s not forget the common areas such as walls and fences at the outer parameter to act as a deterrent for trespassers and intruders as well as CCTVs found at the entrances, around the outer parameters, common waiting areas, elevators, each floors and many other locations.

Photo credit from M Adora Apartment House - Wangsa Melawati

Why would you need to go through all this hassle just because of a visitation? Why wouldn’t your friend’s house be protected only with a padlock and a door? What exactly needs to be protected? Many modern condominiums even advertise their parameter security as one of their main selling point.

Another example we could look at is manufacturer’s set up. Their parameter security is way more sophisticated and complex than a condominium.

Photo credit from RAPPID Perimeter Security - Hansett

Back to the condominium example and question, why wouldn’t your friend’s house be protected only with a door? The answer is that the door itself isn’t secure enough against intruders or thieves. It’s the same for antivirus that works like the door in cybersecurity. Every parameter cybersecurity serves a specific protection and defence, so each of these parameters security has it own solutions.

So what exactly are all these parameters cybersecurity protecting? It’s the safety of the company’s assets. It makes sense that the more valuable assets there are needed to be protected, the tighter the parameters security will be.

Parameters Security

Let’s come back to cybersecurity. In layman terms, it works exactly like the physical parameters security that I have been explaining. Because everything is in digital form and could be accessible from anywhere, the parameters security scope are much more wider. You can treat an antivirus solution as a door and padlock. Is it enough to protect you and your asset against cyber attacks and threats, or will it be better if you have other parameters security deployed to maximise your protection? Cyber crimes can be in many different forms!

Before that question is answered, it will also be good to understand what valuable assets that you have as this will determine the needs of your protection. As an asset is a data form in the digital world, protecting sensitive and confidential data is the upmost important.

So what can we categorise as sensitive and confidential data? Well, it’s easy to say that anything can be important for you and your company; intellectual properties, source codes, product designs, account logins, new movies to be released, customers’ information, trade secret, conversations, finance information and many more.

Note that cyber attacks and cyber threats don’t happened for fun anymore and all incidents come with specific motives; be it monetary, reputations, competitions and purpose-damages.

Is antivirus enough to protect my data? The answer all depends on what sensitive and confidential data that you want to protect, then you can work on the parameter security to protect it.

I hope this article give you a better clarity of protection as overall. Follow us to learn more about cybersecurity.

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