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Simplify your DevSecOps
with AI-Powered Platform

Revolutionise your development security process with our platform. Benefit from seamless vulnerability identification tools, proactive threat mitigation, risk management and AI-powered remediation recommendations
— to streamline your security needs hassle-free.

Safeguard Your
Source Code and Business

Streamline Security Oversight Across
Your DevOps Lifecycle with One Platform


Empower Your DevSecOps
Journey in One Platform

A simple step to streamlined management, enhanced efficiency, comprehensive protection throughout the DevOps process, helping you manage your digital assets security with ease.


We Go Beyond
Uncovering Vulnerabilities

We identify vulnerabilities including common CWEs or CVEs, and address OWASP Top 10 issues as part of our approach. Additionally, with task management integrated into our platform, you’ll be better equipped to prioritise which vulnerabilities to resolve first.


Multiple Scanners
One Integration

Incorporating various scanners for a seamless integration process into your Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipelines. Experience the convenience of one-time setup and leverage automated security checks, real-time feedback to boost efficiency and productivity.


Utilising AI to Guide
Remediation Efforts

Tap into the power of AI to swiftly mitigate cybersecurity risks and vulnerabilities, generating remediation suggestions based on AI’s analysis. By incorporating AI False Positive Detection and Verification, we ensure pinpoint accuracy, giving you peace of mind to enhance security posture effectively.

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