Nur Atiqah – Goal-oriented Shero Who Ensures Security

Nur Atiqah –
Goal-oriented Shero
Who Ensures Security

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Nur Atiqah
Nur Atiqah, Lead of Service Assurance at CSP Global Technologies

Nur Atiqah Abd Rashid or Eiqa is a goal-oriented woman with nine years of experience in the engineering department at Tech Industry. She loves helping others and ensuring they get the best cybersecurity and protection.

Eiqa decided to start her information technology journey when she was in college. She graduated in Computer Science, majoring in Software Engineering at Universiti Tenaga Nasional.

She entered the Tech World by joining CSP Global Technologies as a System Engineer, and five years later was promoted to Lead of Service Assurance. She’s been with the company for nine years now and still counting. 

Here is her story.

#1 How did you get started in the Tech Industry?

I started my Tech journey in 2012, as an intern at Malaysian Communications & Multimedia Commissions (MCMC) in the network security department. Initially, I applied to join the programming department because I was studying Software Engineering. However, I was arranged to be in the Cybersecurity department. Since I foresee that cybersecurity will be a significant hit and it will become an essential pillar in the IT world, I decided to take up the challenge.

After I graduated, I joined CSP Global Technologies as System Engineer. And then I was promoted to the Lead of Service Assurance. I’m responsible to monitor and ensure support services are successfully delivered to partners/customers within the SLA agreement. 

In this role, I gain so many experiences too, since I need to become a technical consultant/reference for any technical related product/services. Also, become the engineering management team to ensure further enhancement for engineering team development and growth. 

I’m leading a respectful and energetic team to support our customers in various industries, including government departments, government-linked companies (GLCs), financials, securities and insurances (FSI) sector, etc.

#2 Who would you want to thank and appreciate for helping your career build up? 

My appreciation will always go to my father. He is a HERO and always gives support and motivates me throughout my career journey. He is the reason why I’m tough and who I am today. 

I am also blessed with another HERO, my supportive husband, who understands that my career is very important to me. He always encourages me to stay focused and be myself. I’m blessed to have them in my life.

#3 What do you see women in the Tech World today? 

From my point of view, there are companies out there still playing the gender card. But most IT companies nowadays value women as one of the precious resources they can have. 

In this modern era, many women take a step-up game and perform as good as they can in the men-dominated Tech World. We can see more women are starting to take up leading roles in organisations. It will be an honour for companies who can see the value of women’s contributions. 

#4 Based on your experience, has gender discrimination happened in the Tech Industry?

In my early career, there were multiple cases of gender discrimination. But as a strong woman raised by my father, I just need to buckle up, stand straight and play a step-up game. We, as a woman, need to support other women as well for them to be strong like us. We need to support each other regardless of who we are. Then, this discrimination will stop.

#5 What is your advice for the public against cyberattacks and threats?

Nur Atiqah's Advice against Cyberattacks & Threats
  1. Realise that you are an attractive target to hackers. In this digital era, don’t ever say, “it won’t happen to me” because you will never know. Especially now, we will save our personal information in the cloud, and that’s an easy target for hackers.
  2. Be careful about what you are sharing on social media. We can’t avoid that digital footprint has become a secret weapon. Sometimes we didn’t realise what we have posted on social media might hurt some party. 
  3. There is no perfect software in this whole world. Always remember to patch, patch, and patch!
  4. Only do sensitive browsing such as banking on a device belonging to you. Don’t use public Wi-Fi to open any confidential information, because hackers will easily crack into it.
  5. Be educated on cybersecurity and create awareness among your peers, friends, and family members. So, everyone around you would be saved.
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