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Faiby Jauw Kartadinata Shero
Faiby Jauw, the Founder and CEO of HiDimas™, also serves as the CEO of Creative Faith.

A living testament to the incredible journey from a tech novice to the driving force behind a successful startup. Picture someone who once struggled with public speaking, earned a degree in communication, and eventually became a skilled business builder. Meet Faiby Jauw; her story is one of evolution, from humble beginnings to a dynamic blend of creativity, communication expertise, and entrepreneurial triumph.

Originally from Surabaya and now making waves in Jakarta, Faiby’s narrative goes beyond being just a woman in tech; it’s about the boundless possibilities when determination meets personal and professional growth.

Her unwavering belief in the power of creativity and innovation sets the stage for a journey where technology becomes more than a tool—it becomes a canvas for positive change.

While coding and operational challenges, Faiby strikes a balance between a thriving career and a fulfilling personal life. Married and supported by a loving partner and children, she draws strength from her family while leading agency teams and overcoming obstacles with her strategic creative mindset.

Here is her story in tech.

#1 How did you get started in the Tech Industry?

My journey into the tech scene started with building websites for my agency. The game-changer happened in 2020. This marked my first experience creating a website for a client’s campaign, focusing on crafting humorous sentences that addressed life’s challenges with a touch of humour—a creative venture that seamlessly merged technology and communication.

In that same transformative year, I enrolled in the London Business School. Taking a deep dive into “The Business of AI” sparked a love for tech, and that’s when HiDimas—short for Hightech Digital Market Store—came to life. It became the star of my final project.

For me, getting started in the tech industry is all about seizing opportunities and accumulating valuable experiences. As I ventured into opening a design agency, I quickly realised that the key challenge wasn’t just about creating visually appealing designs; it was about solving problems through creativity. I understood that merely diving into design without addressing underlying issues wouldn’t yield effective results and could potentially lead to failure in the market.

My background has played an instrumental role in shaping my journey. These academic pursuits have equipped me with the skills to create compelling presentations, convey ideas effectively, and translate concepts into concrete actions. I firmly believe that without my studies in these two fields, I wouldn’t have been able to establish and comprehend the intricacies of my business.

#2 What sparked the idea of creating a marketplace for artists to sell their artwork?

The idea of creating a marketplace for artists to sell their artwork originated from a culmination of challenges and experiences spanning several decades. Engaging in conversations within the industry shed light on a common problem—the struggle to find local images and design assets. This predicament was particularly pronounced in Indonesia, where clients consistently demanded local designs with urgent timelines. In response to this, HiDimas, our Creative E-commerce platform, aspires to streamline the discovery of these essential local assets.

Another layer to the inspiration behind this idea unfolded as I observed the post-graduation journeys of designers and students. Many ventured into opening their agencies, yet their trajectory mirrored some of my own struggles. Regrettably, a significant number found themselves confronted with the daunting task of closing down their businesses. Simultaneously, a recurring pattern emerged where older designers often made way for younger ones upon retirement.

Recognising these industry dynamics, HiDimas envisioned itself as a potential solution. Our platform is designed to provide support to designers of all ages, addressing common challenges such as client management, collaboration with designers, and enhancing sales processes. Through HiDimas, we aim to create a supportive ecosystem that nurtures and sustains the creative community. The goal is to offer not just a marketplace but a dynamic space where artists can thrive and overcome the challenges inherent in the industry.

#3 What kind of challenge(s) have you faced throughout your career journey?

One of the biggest challenges in my career journey has been the stark realisation that building a business is far from glamorous. It demands an immense amount of time, involves inherent risks, and often includes facing losses. It’s a commitment that requires being available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

However, this demanding schedule also means having 365 days and 24 hours to pursue what I’m passionate about. As a parent raising three children, diving into design-preneurship has been my way of balancing business demands with family responsibilities, bringing both positives and negatives.

In the agency business, the pitching process stands out as one of the most demanding aspects, requiring a significant investment of time and effort. Managing clients and continually improving the skills of designers adds another layer of complexity to the challenges faced. Creativity needs to be ready at all times.

However, when you successfully overcome these challenges and find solutions, the resulting feeling of accomplishment and boosted confidence is immensely satisfying. It’s these moments of triumph that reveal the true essence of the journey, highlighting the resilience and adaptability required in the dynamic world of entrepreneurship.

#4 What is the interesting part you found in the Tech Industry?

The dynamic nature of the tech industry is what truly captivates me. It’s a rapidly evolving field, not just from year to year, but often from day to day. The constant unpredictability of technology is both fascinating and appealing, drawing in many entrepreneurs, myself included.

The challenge lies in the difficulty of anticipating precisely where technology will lead us. This perpetual state of innovation is a driving force that motivates individuals like me to venture into tech-related businesses, where each day presents new possibilities and opportunities for growth.

#5 What advice do you have for individuals with non-tech backgrounds who aspire to enter the tech industry?

Faiby Jauw Kartadinata Shero

Start by gaining a comprehensive understanding of the business. If you’re thinking about investing in a tech venture, it’s crucial to grasp the fundamentals and learn about its inner workings. For example, in my involvement with HiDimas, I’ve delved into Google’s fundamental e-commerce principles and continually expanded my knowledge by studying advanced e-commerce practices.

Currently, I’m in the process of mastering the basics and don’t hesitate to ask even the most fundamental programming questions to my programmer and my partner. I believe it’s crucial to acquire this knowledge so that I can make informed decisions and plan for the future. It’s about taking the initiative to learn and understand the foundational elements, which serves as a solid base for navigating the tech industry successfully.

#6 How do you see the intersection of art, technology, and business evolving in the coming years?

I think art, technology, and business will be important in the future economy. While studying AI Business at the London Business School, I discovered that human-driven creativity, fuelled by emotions and feelings, remains irreplaceable by robots or AI. Our unique human touch sets us apart. However, as technology takes over repetitive tasks, there’s a need for new economies to support people.

In response to this shift, I firmly believe that the creative technology business is the solution. It’s the space where innovation, human creativity, and advanced technology come together to shape the new economy.

This convergence will play a crucial role in defining the future landscape, creating opportunities for individuals to thrive in an evolving world where the strengths of both humans and technology are harnessed for collective progress.

#7 How do you prioritise personal and professional growth in your journey as a founder and CEO?

Prioritising personal and professional growth as a founder and CEO involves finding a life balance. This means allocating time for family, work, and leisure activities like playing tennis, spending time with friends, and acquiring new skills. While engaging in activities I enjoy, I make a conscious effort to prioritise based on importance.

I steer away from excessive phone gaming and limit show-watching during my free time. When on my phone, I focus on activities that contribute to maintaining a healthy life balance. What I truly value is the feedback from my family, friends, and team—whether positive or negative—that helps me improve.

What concerns me the most is the absence of feedback. Feedback, be it positive or negative, is crucial for growth, and its absence can impede progress. Thus, fostering an environment where constructive feedback is encouraged remains a key aspect of my approach to personal and professional development.

Faiby Jauw Kartadinata Shero

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