Category Archives Shero means a woman regarded as a hero. Meet our ArmourShero, the outstanding women in tech that will share their stories, achievements and experiences.


Who says women only care about makeup and skincare? These ArmourShero put their lipstick and heels into technology world. Let's follow their amazing stories.

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Gina Romero Connected Women

Gina Romero – Unconventional Shero that Connected Women

Gina Romero, CEO & Co-Founder at Connected Women, shares her unconventional journey as a woman in tech that helps to get remote work opportunities for women.

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Michelle Wong – The Ultimate Dauntless Shero

Michelle Wong, the Principal Pursuit Lead at Microsoft Australia, shares her challenging journey as a woman in tech in the UK, Singapore, and Australia.

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Indah Mustikasari Zalora - ArmourZero

Indah Mustikasari – From PR Graduate to eCommerce Shero

Indah Mustikasari, Product Manager, Growth & Analytics at Zalora Group, shares her passion for data analytics & career journey as a woman in the tech industry.

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Evie Loh – The New Media Shero Who Creates Her Own Arena

Evie Loh, Chief of Digital Media & Exec. Editor in Chief at The China Press, shares her journey as a woman that transforms traditional media into digital era.

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Nur Atiqah

Nur Atiqah – Goal-oriented Shero Who Ensures Security

Nur Atiqah, Lead of Service Assurance at CSP Global Technologies, shares her story and journey as a woman in tech from a cybersecurity engineer perspective.

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Irene Bergosa - Senior Internet Marketing Lead at Tokopedia

Irene Bergosa – Resilient Shero in The Fast-Moving Industry

Irene Bergosa, Senior Internet Marketing Lead at Tokopedia, shares her career journey, challenge, and daily life in the fast moving industry as a woman in tech.

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Beh Swan Swan - ArmourZero

Beh Swan Swan – CIO Shero Who Proves That Age Isn’t a Barrier

Beh Swan Swan, Chief Information Officer at Magnum Corporation, shares her experiences as a woman in tech and how she witnessed revolutions in the ICT industry.

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Vanessa Geraldine the COO of PRIEDS Technology and Special Project Data Analytics at RevoUfor ArmourShero Blog

Vanessa Geraldine – Ambitious Startup Shero who Helps MSMEs

Vanessa Geraldine, Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) of PRIEDS Technology startup, shares her journey and passion as a woman in tech industry.

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Jamrah Binti Othman – Tech Shero from Operation Perspective

Jamrah Binti Othman, VP of Operation at CSP Global Technologies, shares her story and journey as a woman in tech from a business operations perspective.

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Tay Chia Chia - Country Director of Veeam Software

Tay Chia Chia – From Zero to Shero Leader in SEA Tech World

Tay Chia Chia, Country Director Malaysia, Brunei & Emerging Markets at Veeam Software, shares her career journey as a woman in tech and passion for IT Industry.

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